Monday, December 7, 2009

Into the light ... I see it off in the distance

Last week I did a few days mostly simple raw. I didn't want to go into full detox mode -- a little difficult with the kids nipping at the heels -- but it just felt right. So right, in fact, that I thought, "Wow! I've forgotten how good it feels to feel alive and totally vibrant like this!" I had loads of energy all day long both days and was immediately lifted out of a horrible mental funk I was in. Very powerful.

I'm now quite a ways out from my previous attempts at this lifestyle, which became quite psychologically burdensome for me those couple years ago. But now I'm in a different mental place. Truthfully, it's only incidentally about the food; more so right now it's about wanting full mental clarity, not wanting to be controled by anything, wanting final freedom to live a vibrant and energetic life.

So today is Day One all over again. I'm looking forward to the journey ...

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