Friday, November 2, 2007

Czech this out ...

So I go to yoga last night after a fruit meal and a few hours of abstinence under my belt, and the instructor tells us, as an afterthought toward the end of the class, that the 2008 International Yoga Asana Champtionship - Bishnu Charan Ghosh Cup is coming up, and that the regional competition for Northern California will take place on January 5. Suddenly, I was seized with a desire to compete. That's two months away. Not enough time to come anywhere close to winning anything but self-assurance and renewed zest for life, but hey, that would be more than enough for now. I think, as long as I'm not getting too overzealous to the point that I injure myself (something I have learned with my knee issues to be ever mindful of) that it would be a great opportunity to remind myself that I am still a part of the human race, and can still live a joyful life.

I came home and told Gary, my husband, and, after he joked around a bit about how a "yoga competition" was such a contradiction of terms ("Not according to Bikram," I said), he said he thought I should do it, that it would be good for me. We talked about it and agreed that if I'm going to consider it I should start going to class every other day for the next few weeks, and then build up to every day. Now I haven't decided whether I'm definitely going to do this or not, and I think to some extent it's dependent on what my body says over the next few weeks, as I'm still nursing some ligament/tendon "issues". I need to find out when the last day is to register for the competition. It's food for thought though, and it's definitely piqued my curiosity.

I ordered Doug Graham's On Nutrition and Physical Performance and, interestingly, that arrived yesterday, outlining step-by-step how to achieve maximum physical performance and recovery, just in time for me possibly needing to achieve maximum physical performance and recovery. (Funny, that!)


Anonymous said...

I love the way the world works -- getting everything right as you need it!


Sarah said...

Oh I love that little book! It is such a gem and has been so helpful to me in my feeble efforts in the realm of physical activity. :)