Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Persimmon standoff averted ... for now

Yesterday afternoon it was fruit, fruit everywhere and not a bite to eat. Rock hard persimmons, green bananas, the list goes on. I even resorted to eating a not-quite-ripe banana since I didn't have much else. (I also had some tangerines and dates, but wanted a teensy bit of variety after eating them in the earlier part of the day.) Bad idea. I got an upset stomach for the rest of the day, so much so that yoga was out of the question. I guess I can't do starchy bananas anymore.

Today I was so fed up with it that I went down to Berkeley Bowl, the neighborhood produce market, to see what they had. I did strike gold in that they had ripe hachiya persimmons 3 for $1, so I bought about 18. I tied the two bags of them onto the side of the stoller and walked home. By the time I got home about a quarter of them were oozing all over the bag, and I picked out the smooshiest ones and sat down for a feast with my two-year-old. He's learning English, you see, and this was a perfect opportunity to practice the word "mess", which he said about 20 times. (He didn't actually eat any of it, just played with it, and had a ball!) I can't eat many of those things. About four was all I could manage, which kept me for a few hours. I was stuffed.

The bad news it that I feel like garbage now, thanks to that time of the month. Looks like my absence of cramps last month was just a flash in the pan, at least for now. What with that, I must say that when you're not feeling well, it really ain't easy eating all that fruit. You know, I'd just love something quicker right now, that requires less chewing, that's heavier faster.

As for the cravings, they're coming and going at this point. Generally speaking, the last few days I've just had the constant slight-annoyance factor, like I still don't really like this, but it's not so awful that I have to do anything about it anymore. Still, there are occasional moments when I get slammed with a sudden, overpowering craving for something, but thus far -- in recent days anyway -- they have passed almost as fast.

Sarah, of the 811 blogosphere, commented recently that I need to eat more fruit. Point well taken, but I would also hope that I can one day get to the point that, no matter how hungry I get, I don't want to eat garbage. Filling myself up on some kind of fruit, whatever that is, will not change the fact that at this point when I'm hungry I still crave anything-other-than-fruit. Sarah's right though, and I really think she needs to have a stern conversation with my bananas and persimmons!


Anonymous said...

I have never had 4 persimmons ripe at the same time. Lucky Girl!


Stacy said...

LOL, too funny, Connie! Yeah, no kidding! (I kind of cheated though by buying them ripe.) :-)

Sarah said...

Mmmm glad to hear about your persimmon find. :) My kids and I have been feasting on them. I can't imagine eating just 4, I think I had 12 for dinner tonight! I'm such a persimmon piggie. :)