Friday, January 11, 2008

Medication lowered again!

I went to the endocrinologist yesterday and got my lab results from the blood draw I had at the end of December. I have felt my pulse slightly racing now for some time, so strongly suspected I was due for another decrease, and, sure enough, my TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is still on the low side, meaning I've already got a lot of thyroid hormone in my system. The last time it was measured it was .06, and this time it was .14, whereas it should be at least .5. I'm overjoyed at these results because it does indicate that the lifestyle modifications, not just my doctor's over-dosage, are making the difference. I am now officially below a dosage that I had to have raised some six months ago. And I have been far from perfect on my lifestyle modifications too.

Also of interest was the fact that my adrenals, with the addition of the DHEA, are now way normalized. In fact, the level that is the reference range is like 8-11, and I'm now at 23! My doctor seemed a bit perplexed that the addition of DHEA could have had such a positive impact, as he had suggested it more as something to tide me over while he ordered another type of cortisol test. With those results, he is no longer saying that I'm going to have to stay on adrenal support for life. He said I might need it for six months to a year, but probably not a lifetime.

I did tell him, although not in great detail, about the changes I'm making in my diet. He seemed supportive from the standpoint of wanting to continue to measure everything regularly, as we don't know what the effects will be. I told him that I have heard of people having their thyroid medication lowered repeatedly after implementing these dietary changes.

I've been in somewhat of a bad place, food wise, lately, and have been doing a lot of work conquering my demons. These results are exactly what I needed to fully convince me. I'm starting over with renewed dedication, starting with a one-day fast today (maybe two: I'll see how it goes).

This is not an easy process, but I'm getting to the point where I just don't want to do battle with it anymore. I just want to accept it and move on, and heal, as I know I will. I know the more dedicated I am to this lifestyle, the faster I'm going to make that progress.


Sarah said...

I am so happy for you that your meds were lowered again! I know that is huge.

I know hard cravings can be and I just want to send you a big (HUG) and support you in your efforts to keep loving yourself and taking the greatest care of yourself!

Swayze said...

That's great Stacy! Does your doctor know that you are attempting 811rv?

Stacy said...

I didn't really go into detail with him, but it came up because he looked at my pituitary numbers (for IGF1 hormone -- I know, it's all Greek to me too), which were way lower than they should be, at 99 (should be like 120 or something). He said diet could affect that number though, and asked if I was on a low carb diet. I said, "No, extremely high carb. My diet is mostly raw fruit." He seemed interested as far as how it's affecting the numbers, and conceded that we don't really know how things will play out long term. I was impressed that he suggested a 6-week appointment (instead of 3 months), since I said my impression was that the diet was making a difference. He didn't act concerned at all, since I'm feeling good, better than I have in years, literally. He said things are looking really good for me.

Stacy said...

Sarah, thanks, as ever, for your support. I'm fasting today, and am determined to get through it all this time. Signed a contract with myself to do a year on this diet, as I think that's what it will take.

Greenmama said...

Congrats, Stacy.