Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Thank God for New Year’s Day!

Olivia Newton-John was right, you know
I woke up this morning with my head chock full of 1980, singing away to the Xanadu soundtrack. How odd. So I thought I’d get out some cheese of the non-dairy variety and put it in my blog. You see, it occurred to me that, in order to get off of cooked food and to survive the temptations long-term with this lifestyle:

You have to believe we are magic
Nothin' can stand in our way
You have to believe we are magic
Don't let your aim ever stray
And if all your hopes survive
Your destiny will arrive
[And] bring all your dreams alive
For you

And that’s what it’s really all about. It’s such a head trip, this whole thing. I’ve been slipping and sliding all over the place since I last posted. You don’t even want to know. I have almost felt compelled to skate thin ice at the end of the year. It’s annoying, but I know I’m not alone in this strange psychology. I’ve had a few “on” days and a few more “off” days. Here’s a YouTube video which pretty much sums up my reality:

Now, my problem’s not really a weight one (although have I ever in my life thought I was thin?? Last time was maybe when I was 10 years old). But I’ve definitely got the “food issues” thing going down. Whether it’s really an “issue” or whether I’ve just made it one, who really knows. But the reality is that I’ve got a health problem that I think this diet would fix, or at least improve, so no matter what my “food issues” are, that is still my reality.

The test of endurance
Saturday is my yoga competition. That photo above is me practicing one of my poses for my family members when we were in Lake Tahoe just before Christmas. (Sorry about those extra feet in the pic.) Well, I just found out attendance at the pre-competition dinner is mandatory (or at least highly recommended) for all competitors, as the format of the competition will be explained. I was originally thinking, and posted some time back, that I might just “do the best I could” at this dinner. I was even at one point thinking, screw it, I’ll just eat the dinner.

The last few days, however, being so dietarily haphazard, have taught me that I cannot do that. I will attend, but if I’m starving and eat nothing and suffer gravely for several hours, so be it. I cannot afford to give in. Why?

Because New Year’s Day is one of the most powerful days of the year, where we are given a mental clean slate, a get-out-of-jail-free card, if you will. This day has a powerful momentum that radiates as long as you cling to it. If I were to just eat that one cooked meal, it might be until January 1, 2009 until I could re-harness that energy. So I will make it through that dinner, no matter what.

Here’s another reason: Does that pose look very comfortable to do with a bad stomach? :-)

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Swayze said...

Stacy, I think we were separated at birth! We have had the same schedule with this raw diet thing for a while now. We were both doing so great early and mid December and then around the 20th...uh oh. ;) After that, we were both on again off again. How funny!

Anyway, we are both completely obligated now due to the challenge. And your right, there's always something special about the new year. So motivating!

Good luck!