Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Into the deep end, completely at peace

Today is the day my life begins to change for the better. I am actually very glad that I didn't try to get right back on 811 right after Thanksgiving, because I now see that I had a lot of emotional work to do, and I (cross my fingers) think I've done it. Not like the process is probably ever over, but I feel that I have done what I needed to do to get myself fully motivated to take the plunge off the edge of the universe, which is sometimes what this feels like to me. (That's my son relaxing in the pool, by the way.)

Today, emotionally, I feel totally at peace with this decision -- and I have made the decision. I'm not looking back, come hell or high water (which I am 99% certain will not happen). I have informed those around me who I needed to inform about my decision. Now it's time to begin my healing escapade.

My goal with this diet, my first goal anyway, is to fully recover from Hashimoto's thyroiditis and its consequent thyroid failure, as well as to restore my adrenal function. Endocrine balance, period. I doubt there's a doctor out there who would think it possible. My doctor said, quite frankly, he thinks I'm past the stage where my body can deal with it, or something along those lines; that I'm past the point of recovery.

I don't believe that. I believe I can and will recover.

New Rules
Screw my previous attempts at making up my own rules. The new rules are the old rules. Very strict 80/10/10 raw vegan to the freakin' letter. I will also (try) to tell you what I'm eating, for those who want to learn about this. While I may eat more than one food at a time, I will endeavor to have no more than four. I will not have coffee, juice (except oj), salt, oil, seasoning: Nada, but will hopefully receive the blessings of the entire universe in exchange.

A new life begins ... NOW! :-)


Carol H. said...

Good luck! I'll be interested to see how this works for you.

Valentina said...

Hey Stacy...you have the greatest attitude. You will recover. I know from my own experince that this kind of attitude helps the recovery chances from chronic illness.

Azura Skye said...

wow what a fantastic post! I can feel your energy radiate off your words : )

Well done you, lots of deep breaths and it will all be okay.

Stacy said...

Thanks so much, Carol, Valentina, Azura Skye!

BTW Valentina, the problem was on my end, the comments weren't getting forwarded to my email address for some reason, and I get to play god for a momentito by approving them, but I didn't know they were there, so it didn't happen right away.