Sunday, December 16, 2007

Day 13: A minor success

Just wanted to blog a bit about the experience I had last night. My sister invited me down to her workplace where they were having this amazing Christmas party for kids. They had a giant bouncy slide, another bouncy thing, ornament decorating, face painting, caricature drawing, a "shootout" game, a toy grabber game, this giant bungie jumping thing, bumper cars, Santa Clause, Santa's "sleigh ride" (wagon with horses), and a whole bunch of food. It was quite a production, and I was really impressed. The owners of the company, to save money, were making all the food themselves, which I thought was quite cool actually. It's a family operation, and the whole family was back there cooking hot dogs and tri-tip steak for all the employees, which I found quite impressive, even if I'm not into that kind of food.

In addition to that they also had boxes of Domino's pizza, which I could have so easily sank my teeth into. I know, if I'm going to eat pizza, it really shouldn't be Domino's, and I wasn't about to fall off the wagon. But I can't say that it wasn't a nails-on-the-chalkboard moment. I had planned ahead and brought my banana/hemp smoothie with me, which I guzzled in the car before going into the party. Didn't seem to help one iota. Still wanted the pizza. They had salad too, but it wasn't quite up to my snobby purist standards (vinegar, etc.), so I just let the kids eat and then we went to play some more.

But you know what the BEAUTIFUL thing was??? (I'm so excited about this!) When I walked away from that table, it was out-of-mind. And when I drove home (a two-hour drive) I was hungry, but I was not overwhelmed by thoughts of how much I wanted pizza. I just wanted to go to bed, and it was NO BIG DEAL!

The best analogy I could come up with while I was driving is this: When you are overwhelmed by food cravings you feel like a vacuum cleaner that's turned on, but you're not getting anything. You just feel a vacuum that is really uncomfortable. Last night I definitely had the sense that the switch had been flipped off. While it's still no fun necessarily to be in the presence of something, it wasn't an issue once the immediacy of that situation was over, and I felt quite satisfied and at peace.

The event was a minor success, but what it suggests about inner chemical changes is potentially huge.

Someone asked recently about before and after pics. I do have some before pics, in all their unfinished glory (i.e. no makeup, close-up shots). But I’ve only started this journey, so unfortunately, I’m not too far from that stage, and am not yet comfortable posting them for this reason. I’m quite self-conscious about how poor my skin is these days (to me anyway). It actually is better than it was: I’m not getting boils anymore. But it’s still very dry and makes me mad. Give me some time and I’ll post pics once I have some progress to show. My assumption is that my skin will sort itself out at some point, but since it’s one of the last eliminative organs, that may not happen totally for a little while. Plus, I’ve still got the adrenal business to deal with. Hang tight, and I’ll post when I’m far enough away from my “before” pic that I’m not embarrassed.

4 cups orange juice (12 oranges)
6 red bananas
7 red bananas
1-1/2 cups orange juice
10 blended tangerines, 4 persimmons, 1 asian pear, 1.5 cups roma tomatoes, 2 stalks celery (I think??)

Calories: 2408
Calonutrient ratio: 91/5/4


Harmony said...

Great work avoiding that pizza! I love your vacuum analogy. That makes total sense. It truly is a great feeling when that flip is switched off. :D

Azura Skye said...


I'm really hoovering up that vacuum comment - makes a lot of sense.

This christmas I shall make sure my hoover isn't making too much noise!